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History lecture 11 - Lecture 11 The Nation Comes Apart KEY...

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Lecture 11: The Nation Comes Apart KEY TERMS (20) Dred Scott Decision and (21) Kansas-Nebraska Act Part I: Sectional Issues A. Principal Elements of the Developing Crisis a. The Expansion of Slavery b. Declining National Character of Parties Southern democrats become solid c. Growing Refusal to Compromise B. Continuing North/South Sectiona Divisions Over: a. States’ Rights b. Industrial vs. Agricultural Interests b.i. Internal Improvements c. Tariffs d. Land Prices South wants lowered prices but north says keep them higher so better people buy them and theres less disaster e. Slavery and Its Expansion C. Conflicting Interests Seen In: a. Missouri Compromise (1820) b. US-Mexican War (1846-1848) c. Wilmot Proviso (1846) d. Popular Sovereignty (1848) e. Compromise of 1850 Part II: The 1850s A. Uncle Tom’s Cabin a. Harriet Beecher Stowe She became aquatinted with slaves in Columbus ohio. First published in articles in magazines Came out in 1852 and sold 300000 copies. Important because it is first exposure of cruelty of slavery to northerners. Southerners come out with anti uncle toms cabin, aunt Phyllis.
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History lecture 11 - Lecture 11 The Nation Comes Apart KEY...

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