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history lecture 13 - Lecture#13 Reconstruction KEY TERMS(1...

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KEY TERMS (1) Reconstruction Amendments 13/14/15 and (2) Election of 1876 Part I: At War’s End A. Emancipation Proclamation (1 Jan 1863) Ends slavery B. 13 th Amendment (Abolished Slavery – Dec. 1865) Southern states have to ratify in order to get back in union C. Lee’s Surrender – War’s End (9 April 1865) D. Major Questions a. How would the nation be reunited? b. What is the status of freed men and women? c. How would the “rebels” be treated? d. Who would decide? d.i. The President or Congress d.ii. The Radicals or Moderates Part II: Reconstruction Plans A. Abraham Lincoln a. 10% Plan Ten percent of each confederates white males has to swear to the federal government for the state to come back into the union. Lincoln very lenient toward the south. Lincoln has problems with congress Congress very republican B. The Congressional Plan a. Republican Party b. 50% Plan/Wade-Davis Bill Instead of ten percent, 50 percent has to swear allegiance to join union. Lincoln vetos bill C. Presidential/Congressional Conflict a. Compromise / 13 th Amendment D. Andrew Johnson’s Plan Johnson was not Lincoln first VP Johnson was a southern democrat. Lincoln gets him for the votes. Even though Johnson is a southerner he does not support slavery, he wants to hold the union together. Johnson was the only southern congressman that didn’t leave when war
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history lecture 13 - Lecture#13 Reconstruction KEY TERMS(1...

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