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history lecture 15 - Lecture 15: The American Empire KEY...

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KEY TERMS (7) Spanish-American War/War of 1898 and (8) The Roosevelt Corollary (9) “Yellow Journalism” Part I: The Trend Toward Empire A. Causes of Expansionism a. Nationalism Rise in nationalism Despite the fact that things were bad, America was prospering. There was a sweeping trend of patriotism b. Religious Motivation Spread the christion American message throught the world c. Wider Markets for U.S. Goods Add new lands and sell goods with no tariffs d. Search for Raw Materials More land to get more resources e. Outlets for U.S. Investments Companies need places to invest and make money Northern mexico is good for US economically Put millions into north mexico and putt out billions f. Status and Prestige They lashed out to get what other people didn’t have. Wanted to build a navy and get colonies to become prestigious g. Divert Attention from Domestic Problems Create distractions from our problems. B. The Expansionist Tradition Americans constantly want to expand west Want to increase what we had America is best and we need to grow. C. The Monroe Doctrine Said we take care of things in western hemisphere If something bad is going on, were going to take care of it Use this to get our foot in the door with latin coutries. D. Purchase of Alaska a. 600,000 Sq Mi - $7.2 Million Purchase made in 1867, right after civil war. Got through because everything was up in the air when they were busy with reconstruction. For about 35 years, Alaska just sat there.
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history lecture 15 - Lecture 15: The American Empire KEY...

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