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history lecture 16 - The Progressive Era KEY TERMS(9 Social...

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The Progressive Era KEY TERMS (9) Social Darwinism (10) Muckrakers and (11) The Progressive Constitutional Amendments Part I: Background to the Progressive Era A. Mixed Emotions of the 1890s a. Pride in National Accomplishments b. Concern Over Deep National Problems and Challenges to American Democracy B. The Ideological Roots of Progressivism a. Pragmatism b. Social Darwinism C. The Progressives “Reform The System To Save It” a. Progressive Issues a.i. Monopolies a.ii. Urban Problems a.ii.1. Immigration a.ii.2. Urban-Rural Migrations a.ii.3. Slums a.ii.4. Crime a.ii.5. Inadequate Social and Sanitation Services a.iii. Political Corruption / The “Boss” System a.iv. Civil Rights Concerns (Especially for Women) a.v. Plight of African Americans a.vi. Plight of Farmers (Verge of Revolution) a.vii. Plight of Labor (Strikes, Violence, Repression) D. Who Were the Progressives? a. Generally: White Men and Women; Urban, New Middle-Class Professionals b. Retrogressive Social Reformers b.i. Sought to reestablish the Jeffersonian Agrarian Ideal E. The Muckrakers and Their Impact a. Lincoln Steffens: Shame of the Cities b. Upton Sinclair: The Jungle, The Octopus c. Ida Tarbell: History of the Standard Oil Company d. David G. Phillips: The Treason of the Senate F. Political Reformers
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a. Destroy the Big City “Machines” and “Bosses” b. Return Government to “The People” b.i. Direct Primary Elections b.ii. Initiative, Referendum, Recall b.iii. Secret Ballot b.iv. “Scientific” / Professional Political Administration: City Commission-City Manager System b.v. Direct Elections of US Senators G. Humanitarian Reformers a. Education Reformers a.i. Professionalization of Teacher Training a.ii. Mandatory School Attendance Laws b. “Settlement Houses” – Jane Addams (Chicago) b.i. Urban Poor, Immigrants, Esp. Women c. Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) d. Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) H. Women’s Rights and Protection a. Margaret Sanger – “Artificial” Birth Control
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history lecture 16 - The Progressive Era KEY TERMS(9 Social...

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