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history lecture 17 - Progressives thought they could make...

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Progressives thought they could make change if they took an active stance in government. They were white washed When things were simpler, when life was cleaner. Bring retrogressive in their outlook Want to take America back to a similar time. Lecture 17: WWI / The Roaring 20s KEY TERMS (12) Treaty of Versailles (13) Teapot Dome Scandal and (14) Scopes Monkey Trial PART I: World War I A. Origins of the War a. The Central Powers a.i. Germany a.ii. Austria-Hungary a.iii. Turkey (Ottoman Empire) b. The Allied Powers b.i. England b.ii. France b.iii. Russia b.iv. Italy b.v. Japan c. Creation of a Slavic State Started the war Begins with the assissantion of arch duke Ferdinand Countries in Europe have created a system of treaties to each other. d. Steps to War d.i. Austria-Hungary vs. Serbia d.ii. Russia Aids Serbia d.iii. Germany Aids Austria-Hungary d.iv. d.v. England vs. Germany Used trench war Not very active, but very bloody Nerve gas Chemical warfare B. America’s Position a. Woodrow Wilson – Remain Neutral in Thought and Deed b. U.S. has ties to all warring countries in one for or another. b.i. More economic ties to Allied Powers c. America Pulled into War
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c.i. German U-Boats c.i.1. Sinking of the Lusitania (May 1915) c.i.1.a. 128 U.S. Citizens Die c.i.1.b. Germany Backs Off c.ii. Poncho Villa’s Raid into Columbus, NM Mexican rebel Notorious philanderer Wife in every town Decided to make a raid into Columbus NM During Mexican revolution 5 to 6 hundred Mexican soldiers attacked 18 Americans died John jay perching invades mexico, at least 300 miles into mexico. Mexican government was in bad shape so they didn’t want war with US We basically use mexico as training drill. c.iii. Long drawn out trench war c.iv. Unrestricted Submarine Warfare (Feb. 1917) Sink any ship they thought was aiding allies c.iv.1. The Zimmerman Telegram Intercepted by US Germans kinda propose alliance with Mexico c.iv.1.a. Mexican Alliance? c.iv.1.b.
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history lecture 17 - Progressives thought they could make...

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