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history lecture 18 - Lecture#18 FDR The New Deal KEY...

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KEY TERMS (17) National Recovery Act/NRA (18) Works Progress Administration/WPA and (19) Huey P. Long Part I: The Election A. Economic Conditions Prior to the New Deal a. Laissez-faire economics B. The Election of FDR a. The Republicans a.i. The Platform Cut back on tariffs Strict on immigration Payment to war vetertans Didn’t have a stance of pro-abition b. The Democrats b.i. Alfred Smith Seen as conservative democrat Safe candidate b.ii. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Distant relative to teddy Roosevelt Married his distant cousin Diagnosed with polio b.iii. The Platform c. The Campaigns c.i. Roosevelt c.ii. Hoover c.iii. Both d. Results d.i. Roosevelt: 472 Electoral / 22.8 Mil Popular d.ii. Hoover: 59 Electoral / 15.7 Mil Popular e. A Real Shift or Simply An Alternative e.i. Disillusionment w/ Hoover Part II: The New Deal A. Was There a Plan?
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B. Keynesian Economics A firm belief that due to complexities of economic markets, they will not fix themselves The rules of supply and demand will not dictate economy\ Therefor federal governments must regulate and provide stimulus to economy C. A Governmental Shift One of most important aspects is that I represents how americans view the federal government. D. Fireside Chats FDR first to reach out to people Gets on radio every week Reensure people of what hes doing E. Legislation of the First Hundred Days 1933 a. Emergency Banking Act (March 9 th ) Gave FDR power over banks
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history lecture 18 - Lecture#18 FDR The New Deal KEY...

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