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history lecture 19 - Lecture #19: The Cold War KEY TERMS...

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Lecture #19: The Cold War KEY TERMS (20) Lend-Lease Act (21) Marshall Plan (22) Berlin Airlift (23) Mao Tse-Tung (24) Gulf of Tonkin Incident and (25) Glasnost Part I: World War II Hitler comes to power Japan is being aggressive A. FDR’s Push for War a. First Neutrality Act 1935 Said that regardless of country, US will not help you Made FDR mad. He wanted to help victim countries b. Rape of Nanking Most horrific man on man violence of all time Japan invaded china and had mass tortures rapes and murders. FDR knew something had to be done but his hands were tied. c. Neutrality Act of 1939 News trickles into America and FDR can get neutrality act passed to say we will sale supplies to any country fighting axis powers but you have to send your own boat over to get it. Doesn’t work because Germany is sinking anything that moves d. The Election of 1940 First time president is elected 3 times in a row FDR struggles to run or not He was hurting and didn’t think we could help. Ran because he didn’t want to hand over problems to new president Says he will keep sons out of war Things get bad though and he knows something has to happen. Puts 2 republicans harry stempson and one other in his cabinet. England is wondering what the hell we are doing We are sitting here like nothing is haooening because FDRs hands are tied behind his back. e. The Lend-Lease Act FDR had to think of someway to help Europe china and northern Africa Says we will lend you our equipment and you have to give it back or pay for what is lost. By opening military spending, struggling factories are able to make goods for the war. Farmers can ship food to Europe for War effort
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This leads to rebound of American Economy. Did it all without breaking campaign promise of sending soldiers overseas. Used a fancy term, creating an arsenal of democracy. Passed congress on march 11 1941 Lent 50 billion worth of goods Kind of forgot about being paid back Economy was so good we didn’t need the stuff back or money B. FDR’s Troubled Legacy a. Japanese Internment Camps Created by executive order 9066 Approximately Japanese Americans on west coast were sent to internment camps in south western states. Camp life was tough People ripped away from family homes and business Lack of food and water b. Knowledge of the Holocaust Didn’t know if FDR knew about it c. Insufficient Polices Toward Minorities Black and white regiments Part II: The Cold War Begins We actually never fight soviet union Put embargos on places like Cuba Fight communism in Korea Cold war really messes up international affairs We funnel weapons to countries and now our weapons are being used against us We have to stop soviet union and communism A. World War II Conferences Prior to WW2, lots of small loose colonies. US helps liberate Europe and Asia but when were done with war, we pull
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history lecture 19 - Lecture #19: The Cold War KEY TERMS...

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