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history lecture 20 - Lecture#20 The African American Civil...

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Lecture #20: The African American Civil Rights Movement KEY TERMS (25) Brown v. The Board of Education and (26) The Civil Rights Act of 1964 Part I: The 1950s A. Executive Order 9981 (1948) During WW2, black and white soldiers were still segregated Argument that the modern civil rights movement started during WW2 This is because black males learn skills and trades in army, they provide leadership when they get out. Executive order 9981 says that there shall be equality in army without regards to color of skin. Demonstrates that African Americans can serve as equals B. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, KS (May, 1954) Over turn Plessy. Vs furgeson Brown sues and says its not equal BOE says it is equal Court says even if two identical schools side by side, there would still be some sphere of separation, or badege of inferiority. This hinders there full development as citizens. a. Plessy v. Ferguson Idea of separate but equal b. Thurgood Marshall Leading attorney for NAACP First African American supreme court justice C. Emmett Till Incident (Aug, 1955) 14 year old Chicago boy Visits family in Mississippi Alledgedly whistle at white store owner caorlyn bryan Several days later, he is captured, beaten, and murdered by her brother and husband. Body thrown in river Roy Bryant and JW millant were arrested on charges of Murder but all white jury found them innocent, despit overwhelming evidence. They ended up admitting to it. Evidence that more people were involved in beating
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history lecture 20 - Lecture#20 The African American Civil...

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