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History 1103 Study Mid-Term Study Guide IDENTIFICATION TERMS Ten terms from this list will appear on the exam. You will choose five and write a detailed identification for each one. A good identification will typically be a short paragraph that provides numerous details about the term and provides its historical relevance and purpose. Mercantilism 2 nd Party System Shay’s Rebellion Columbian Exchange The Trail of Tears Whiskey Rebellion Bacon’s Rebellion William Lloyd Garrison Election of 1860 John Winthrop Nat Turner’s Rebellion Crisis at Ft. Sumter Salutary Neglect Manifest Destiny Alien and Sedition Acts French and Indian War U.S. – Mexican War Kansas-Nebraska Act Boston Tea Party Compromise of 1850 Articles of Confederation Stamp Act Dred Scott Decision ESSAY QUESTIONS Three of these essay questions will appear on the exam. You will chose one and write a detailed and informative essay. Essays will be graded based on the clarity and content of your argument. You will not do yourself any favors by being brief. Please answer the
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