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1. Mercantilism- New Spain is a Spanish colony, use to gather raw materials. Profit goes solely to profit of government of Spain. English also practiced mercantilism. Mercantilism leads to colonization. Spanish empire is very strict in mercantile law. 2. Columbian Exchange- exchange of goods, diseases, etc. between old world and those in the new world. Prior to arrival of Spanish, only pack animal in new world was llama and alpaca. Spanish bring horse, beast of burden. Horse is very significant in American History. Europeans learn things as well. Europeans discover corn and spyholes. Spanish men would rape the women of the new world. Development of brothels or whore houses. Europeans brought small pox’s to the new world. Small pox killed multi million people. Hard to know exactly how many, Hispaniola/ San Salvador, population decreased by 90 percent within 25 years. Development of African slavery. Primarily in the Caribbean islands. Spanish gradually kill out most natives. Have plantations but no one to work them. This leads to transport of slaves from Africa to the islands. Africa traded out their own people as well. Refers to exchange of plants animals’ disease etc. between old world and new world. How affected history? Disease wiped out civilizations. Led to new empire in Latin America. Also established the slave trade. 3. Bacons Rebellion- happened because colony didn’t feel protected enough from Indians. Government says that its not their job to protect them from Indians when they move westward. Burned capital at Jamestown. Bacon died and revolution ends. First example of issue that rises due to westward expansion. Farmers wanted more land but Indians stop them. Farmers say it is governments responsibility and government says no it’s not our job to protect you from doing something that you are not supposed to do. Happens continually until we conquer the west due to westward expansion. 4. John Winthrop- 1630: City on a hill speech. Which was the idea that it was the shining beacon of spirituality and morality. We must set the example to the world and live up to our religious morals. His ideas are what America stands for now. We are a country on a hill and must lead the world. We stand for peace, democracy, and morals. 5. Salutary Neglect- Salutary neglect is the idea that English won’t reflect rules and regulations on colonists. After people started settling the new world, England made laws for the people of the new world. At first England did not enforce the laws. Eventually, England did start to enforce them. Even though the laws were not new, people were very unhappy with this. This is one of the causes to the American Revolution. 6. French and Indian War- Seven years after King Georges war, the French and Indian War began in the Dequsne Valley if Ohio. At the end of King Georges war, the colonists start to realize that they are pawns for the king. In the Dequsne valley, General Braddock lost to the French and their Indian allies. Seven hundred and fifty redcoats were killed.
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History Study guide - 1 2 3 4 5 6 Mercantilism New Spain is...

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