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Things to know for the exam Essay questions A. racial, political, ecomonic, - tell why these colonies are the way they are. - look at the colonies as a whole and write how the colonies created the US to now B. ideas, people, events, - how the colonies were between the war - salutary neglect was an idea not a policy - how the French and Indian war effect this - acts and they try to inforce and how everyone reacts to the acts - do you believe the AM revolution a real act of change and find a way to argur it - formation of the constutution ( the constutution was sort of like the british rule) C. Discuss the AOC and tell who supported it and why
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Unformatted text preview: - talk about the early views of the parties (Washington)- hamiltonianism and jeffertonianism- era of good feelings- what brings about the second party system- what happens in the election of 1824 ( mass politics)- take from loose central gov to the birth of a true two party system with jackonianism D. come up with a factual based opinion- acts and nullifications why didnt it happen then?- make a logical argument- details- main causes of civil war, not a simple list of IDs- tie the events together - mecican American war- compromise of 1850- pop sov- slow death of the 2 nd party system- death of the whig party- KS, Neb act- bleeding Kansas...
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