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Communications 101-8:31

Communications 101-8:31 - -Elocutionary-Improvement of...

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Communications 101 8-31-11: -Idols of the cave: individual prisms, stereotypes, personalities, and help to interpret ambiguous information. -Idols of the theatre- accept without thought -Use of Cues, heuristics: -Authority to obey superiors -Liking; trusting people we “like” -Consensus; the majority cannot be wrong, right? -4 types in modern period
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Unformatted text preview: -Elocutionary: -Improvement of presentation-Focus on delivery -Map nonverbal behaviors to speech-Use scientific method: -Observation: direct vs. indirect-Description: label-Prediction: understand limits-Explanation: cause-Empirical Questions-Does Credibility influence persuasion? -Does media influence social behavior?...
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