Constructivism - Constructivism I Introduction focus on...

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Constructivism I. Introduction – focus on certain topics that are not normally debated, how shared beliefs and behaviors shape behaviors a. The notion that north Koreas look much different than Britain’s nuclear weapons because we have a better relationship with Britain b. Explaining the end of the Cold War b.i. They want to focus on the ideas of Western Christian democracy and the Communist b.ii. 1985 Gorvachov comes to power and when 1991 roles around the Cold War is over. b.ii.1. What happened in terms of power politics?? b.ii.1.a. There was no change in the distribution of power what had changed was a sense of purpose and sense of identity. Gorvachov did not see the US and Soviet Union as enemies he saw them caught in a dangerous game, he technically took the liberalist view on the whole situation. b.ii.1.a.i. Cannot explain the end of the Cold Was in terms of change in power, which means something else must drive the change. Constructivists argue it was the purpose and…??/ b.ii.1.a.ii. Variation in A causes a variation in B (normally in ideas) c. What we think matters and drives what we are going to do…such as you believe in conflict in act that way it will probably happen d. Social Construction II. Constructivist IR Theory a. Interests – What is it you are hoping to achieve? a.i.
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Constructivism - Constructivism I Introduction focus on...

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