Feminism - Get to the exam EARLY! BUY A BLUE BOOK STUDY...

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Get to the exam EARLY!!!! BUY A BLUE BOOK STUDY GUIDE IS ONLINE! Feminist IR Theory I. What is Feminism? a.i. Underlying all feminist arguments are 4 general arguments a.i.1. 1. Difference in gender roles (sets of traits between men and women) concept of biological sex and gender a.i.2. Idea that people assign men good traits while women are assigned weak traits…men are cool headed and women crack under pressure GDP focus…their work is not counted a.i.3. Feminist by in large say that they can be just as tough as men and it is not biologically inhibiting b. Biology vs, Gender c. The social construction of gender roles d. What feminism is not d.i. They are not peaceful!! e. Consequences II. Feminist International Relations Theory a. Empiricism – Basically argument is we ignore women’s issues a.i. War historically was fought primarily by men which is why women are not focused on a.ii. Women’s economic roles are not part of the official economy therefore they are not accounted in the GDP and thus they are not helping the economy in any way… b. Standpoint Theory – Notion of human nature and we have built a skewed viewed of human nature that men are better than women and it is in men’s nature to rule. . b.i. Leave out the fact that we are social animals and that we are only power seekers, thus we are not going to cooperate peacefully. b.ii. Feminist will argue that power is also the ability of two people to work together…when two people collaborate they are more powerful c. Post-Modernism c.i. Modernism is the standard enlightenment model…all of what we know
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Feminism - Get to the exam EARLY! BUY A BLUE BOOK STUDY...

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