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II Are Democracies More Peaceful

II Are Democracies More Peaceful - Are Democracies More...

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Are Democracies More Peaceful? I. Foreign Policy Analysis a. Do states matter? b. Changing levels of analysis II. Democratic Peace Theory a. Simple vs. dyadic mode a.i. Sim ple democracies are more peaceful a.ii. Dyadic mode – democracies peaceful when dealing with other democracies a.ii.1. Evidence seem incredibly strong and some believe it is almost even a law. There is not much evidence showing democracies going to war with one another. But, if this is true, why is it true??? a.iii. In democracies people control the government, thus if the people who carry the cost of going to war then they will go against it because it is the citizens whose lives get ruined…where as an authoritarian country just sends people off to war…. but democracies do go to war as much as authoritarian countries a.iv. Plausible arguments for the dyadic mode is that they look at other democracies and say they are respectable and we should not go to war with them…thus the mutual respect causes a less chance for war and they
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