II WMDs - WMD Terrorism and insurgency I Defining WMB a...

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WMD, Terrorism and insurgency I. Defining WMB a. Types of WMD a.i. Nuclear a.i.1. Level a city and kill 100,000s-1,000,000s of people a.i.2. Still much more serious concern but at the same time a VERY difficult to produce a.ii. Chemical a.ii.1. Used mostly in WWI, but are easy to create, however they are difficult to spread a.iii. Biological a.iii.1. Germ or virus causing an epidemic and are also fairly easy to produce a.iii.2. Very difficult to spread to a massive population a.iii.3. Very difficult to use them as a military weapon a.iv. Radiological a.iv.1. Use radioactive materials but there is not fission or fusion, rather it is using the poisonous quality of the material aka “dirty bomb” a.iv.2. Blow it up somewhere so that the radiation spreads throughout the area making it uninhabitable a.iv.3. “Weapons of Mass Disruption” a.v. Cyber warfare a.v.1. “Weapon of Mass Disruption” a.v.2. II. From to Deterrence a. Pre-nuclear it was about defense if you attacked we would destroy you b. Nuclear world changed that in 1945 when we dropped the bombs on Japan. The problem was how would you defend Western Europe from 12 million Russians without keeping American soldiers over there? Nuclear weapons. If Russia attacked Western Europe massive retaliation would happen c. 1949 Soviets got their own nuclear weapons which eventually lead to each side not attacking each other because if either attacked first the other would still be able to attack the other. “MAD” Mutually Assured Destruction” both knew it was irrational to attack first d. Are we really going to fire a nuclear weapon against Russian over the smaller
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II WMDs - WMD Terrorism and insurgency I Defining WMB a...

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