International Environmental Issues

International Environmental Issues - International...

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International Environmental Issues I. The environment as collective good (The tragedy of the commons) a. Greater population worse environmental effects b. Cross national sources of environmental problems green house gases, things being dumped into rivers that cross borders or into the ocean, dissolving of the ozone layer c. Shared resources such as bodies of water, gulf of mexico, great lakes, danyu river…etc c.a. Not only bodies of waters but things that grow in the water, the oceans are giant shared resources and conflict of who gets what above and below the surface. d. Tragedy of the commons: d.a. England 18 th Century – pasture land was collectively held (shared), but the cattle was owned by individuals thus the one owns the cow benefits, the costs of grazing on the grass is shared with everyone and the incentive is to put more cows then someone else. What they found was these pastures tended to be overgrazed and thus the cattle died. d.b. When everybody does what is individual rational they both end up losing in the end. d.c. Concept that applies to a wide variety of environmental problem d.d. Part of the cause between war of Iraq and Kuwait, there is a large pool of oil between both and there was an agreement about how much each country was going to take out and the Iraqis thought the Kuwaities were taking more oil, more oil more money, less oil for Iraqis. II.
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International Environmental Issues - International...

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