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International Organizations I. Introduction a. Why are there so many IOs? a.i. There are thousands and they continue to proliferate a.ii. The states must believe they are getting something out of creating them b. How important are they? (How are they important??) b.i. Skepticism if they really are making an impact at all b.ii. How are they changing international politics? b.iii. When are they important and when are they not? b.iv. II. Recap: IOs in IR Theory a. Liberalism saw international organizations as important…say there a lot of reason states should negotiate with each from how to send letters to that we should not have satellites crashing in space…problems only solved by collaboration and these organizations help that. a.i. At a very functional level it is very easy for them to say these IOs are important b. Realism is skeptical about all of this…they say so what and wonder if IOs are important to international politics at all. They say these things are not neutral and there are going to disagreements and there are going to be solutions that favor another actor. International politics are the forcing of power and the IOs are just there to push the powers b.i. NATO is the talk of military power and ran by the US c. Economic Structuralist is similar to realist and that IOs are driven by cause but by economical causes. They believe the IOs are the strong controlling the weak such as the WTO, IMF etc and the powerful states are using them as tools for companies to move their companies around the world and find cheaper labor. More emphasis on wealthy states and/or companies as a group. It has a very
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International Organizations - International Organizations I...

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