Liberalism - Liberalism I Defining Liberalism a Means...

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Liberalism I. Defining Liberalism a. Means something entirely different than US politics…the European definition means the opposite if you are liberal you are for the free market of liberty…in political theory is has a very specific meaning…Hobbes believed there was Anarchy of an authoritarian government, have to give up liberty for secturity… b. What Liberalism Isn’t b.i. Not left of center US politics c. Locke’s Response to Hobbes c.i. Locke believe you can have freedom with a strong government formed by common consent…the people control it while it protects them…free people can govern themselves without a leviathan…Locke believe you can have both liberty and freedom…you can hire a sheriff and fire him to get another one…. c.ii. Basic argument in liberalism is the anarchist are right, but that is why we should look for solutions…there are many issues besides security thus the security dilemma does not matter… d. Liberal International Theory d.i. There are many actors II. Liberal Institutionalism a.i. Will take your assumption of but may not come to your theory… b. The Prisoner’s Dilemma Revisited: b.i. What happens if you keep playing the game…overtime the differences in the game magnifies…cooperation pays off…and if you keep playing and
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Liberalism - Liberalism I Defining Liberalism a Means...

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