Population and Migration

Population and Migration - Population and Migration I....

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Population and Migration I. Population Growth and Demographic Change a. Sources of demographic change a.i. Mortality is decreasing dramatically because better health care, broadening of health care into the Third World and the so called “Green Revolution” advancement in cultural practices that have curved famine a.i.1. These both have largely driven the mortality rate down a.ii. Factors pushing infant mortality down and fertility rate down a.ii.1. Wealth a.ii.2. In many of the wealthiest countries, birth rates are below the replacement rates, such as Japan. Russian death rates have actually gone up and the life expectancy has fallen. In much of Western Europe populations are actually falling. b. Consequences of demographic change b.i. Traditional is a fear of overpopulation and famine b.ii. Population does not tend to grow geometrically b.iii. When all these 6 or 8 billion people get wealthy, consume more, and live longer, the dangers from other things may cause other problems such as production of more green house gases b.iv. However, it is the shrinkers facing the worst problems b.iv.1. They are not able to keep economic growth b.iv.2. If you population is steady and levels off, and increasingly big part of your population is the elderly population and now it is about not how many you have, but the amount of each age group you have.
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Population and Migration - Population and Migration I....

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