Soft - Soft Security Issues (non traditional military...

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“Soft” Security Issues (non traditional military issues) I. The “other” consequences of globalization a. More and more issues that were historically national level issues are becoming global issues….internationalization of the issue of global warming, disease transition is not new but becomes much more consistent and speed of spreading with globalization, crime and terrorism which are not new but globalization is greatest thing that ever happened to criminal enterprise, migration is at a cyclical high across the globe right now. Things are not new but are changing in the speed a breadth of which they operate through globalization a.i. They all have cross transnational similarities a.ii. Challenges to the sovereign state a.iii. Causes real problems to things like health, physical security…in the case of crime we begin to see these as security threats II. Redefining “security” a. Some of things we do to combat security we are using different organizations to go after them, such as the military b. What is happening is issues that are national are now being talked about as secutiry issues and the other is we are using instruments of national security to deal with them. c. If you call it a security issue you tend to prioritize it higher, which widens the range of policy d. The US military is very active in various programs in Africa to deal with things like disease transition and setting up health clinics and the argument is that preventing these disease is stopping the collapse of populations…looks like a health issue but eventually could be a national issue III. How are states responding? a.
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Soft - Soft Security Issues (non traditional military...

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