Transnational Actors

Transnational Actors - Transnational Actors (The...

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Transnational Actors (The Non-Governmental Organizations) I. Varieties of Transnational Actors a. Includes Transnational Corporations (such as Apple) b. Transnational Advocacy Networks (such as the World Wildlife Fund) b.i. They are trying to push some issue c. Broader range of actors on the international scene that are not governments d. Catholic Church…own land worldwide and have a higher archy e. International Crimincal Organizations f. Various kinds of interest clubs – fans of rock bands, fans of Manchester united…not the most politically g. People are creating organizations and working across borders they potentially have influence in international politics II. Transnational (Multinational) Corporations a. This is a company that works with other countries, but the really relavant ones have manufacturing plants in other countries and/or sell their products in other countries. Some can be very small or can be large such as Ford, Exxon, etc. In some cases they are on the ground in every country of the world, like Coca- Cola. a.i. To whom are these companies loyal? a.i.1. Much of the commerce in the world (most of global trade) is intra-trade which means that when a transmission is being exported from Korea to America is being transferred to a Korean division plant in America. Whoever gets taxed less get less transfer prices. b.
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Transnational Actors - Transnational Actors (The...

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