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exam 2 study guide - Second Intermpediate Amenhemet IV last...

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Second Intermpediate Amenhemet IV – last ruler of the Middle King (12 th dynasty) Sobekneferu - Was the first known female ruler of Egypt and at her death transition from Dynasty 12 to 13 occurred peacefully. Memphis – ruled by series of weak kings who failed to maintain full control Xois – Established itself in the Western Delta and lost eventual control of the cataracts to Nubian leaders Hyksos – left armor behind which the Egyptians adopted and made their own adaptations to Avaris – Somatic invaders from the east begun invading from the eastern Delta and established their capital here. Thebes – Controlled by Egyptians and lived in peace with Avaris Seqenenre Taa – Was likely killed in his sleep, but possibly not because only had wounds on his head and not the rest of his body Kamose - ?? New Kingdom Egyptian Empire - Greatest period in Egyptian history, they have a land based empire and their armies have reached as far north as Babylon Ahmose I – was the first king of the New Kingdom Nubia – Tuthmose the 1 st and 3 rd campaigned there, it was treated as a colony and administered directly by Egyptians under a viceroy Thebes – capital of the New Kingdom royal mortuary temples – these became customary at this time and were placed on the Nile’s West bank. They were exclusively dedicated to the cult of the dead king Karnak and Luxor - Luxor: Was a temple that was built over many generations and was built early on and added to as time passed. Ramses II adds an extensive amount of it though Opet Festival Tuthmose I – expands the Egyptians power beyond the nile valley and begins to go into Asia and actually annexes some land at the Cyanide Peninsula
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Tuthmose III – is the one who really spread Egyptians power and annexes areas down South and into Asia - Extended Egypt’s southern border to the 4 th cataract Megiddo – this is where Tuthmose III defeated the Mitanni Mitanni – Tuthmose III established a long lasting bonds with them by marrying a Mitanni princess Hatshepsut – First women to truly rule Egypt and takes on all the titles as pharaoh and portrays herself as a male. She was even shown as a man in all of her statues. She has one of the best preserved mortuary temples and one of the first to use long colonnades and begins a new era of Egyptian architecture. She did not launch military campaigns, but launched trading campaigns in the Red Sea. The Egyptians got very involved in the gem trade by her interactions. Valley of Queens Theban Necropolis Valley of the Kings Punt Akhenaten – best known as the Heretic king who reorganized the religion of Egypt Aten – is the solar disk and is the center of the city of Akhetaten Tell El Amarna – Capital city during Akenaten rule Nefertiti – She is the queen of Akhenaten and is depicted as pharaoh sometimes but never takes the title as pharaoh. She was one of the few married to the pharaoh who made it to such a powerful status. Tutankhamun –
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exam 2 study guide - Second Intermpediate Amenhemet IV last...

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