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Lecture 8 Crocodile king from the 6 th district of Upper Egypt. Know this because of a cylinder thing Scorpion from the 8 th district of upper Egypt (lived a little after Crocodile). Know this because of inscriptions (some on tomb J, Cemetery U, Abydos). Late predynastic Period Dynasty 0/ have a mace from Neckan (symbol of royal power).Shown wearing crown up Upper Egypt (white crown). Mace= dead birds can symbolize towns along Nile basin or other areas he conquered and unified. The extent of his territory is unknown. Catfish King identified with Narmer, conquered Lower Egypt 1 st to unifying the country under 1 rule and establishing the fish royal dynastic line. Produced Narmer pallet, excavated in perfect shape. Very well done pallet, with fancy reliefs (may not have been practical but in dedication to a goddess). Found at Neckan. Pallet= top row- 2 goddesses heads (human face on animal) flanking serat (box with Kings' name). Narmer holding a mace and wearing a white crown about to beat the crap out of a
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