Lecture 9 End. Exam 1

Lecture 9 End. Exam 1 - Lecture 9 Abados= main cemetery of...

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Lecture 9 Abados= main cemetery of King Narmer. (little North of the bend). Bee= Upper Egypt, desert Egypt Sedge plant = Lower Egypt Early Dynastic Period= period of consolidating power, unifying concept growing slowly. Qaa= last pharaoh of 1 st dynasty. Kings Names= Often takes on a new name when he became King. Horus name- often written in a Serekh with a falcon on top. (represents a palace facades- square enclosure). Nebty name (“the two ladies”)( snake goddess and vulture goddess)- secular title. e.g. Menes- Narmer. Horus- Son of Isis (or Hathor) and Osiris (brother and sister & husband and wife) patron deity of Nekhbet (capital of upper Egypt, a lot of early dynastic kings came from there) pharaoh were actually kings and represented Horus in life, Osiris in death. Horus Aha (appears to be Narmer's son[catfish king])- means the fighting hawk solidifies union between upper and Lower Egypt that his father created. Cities founded- Crocodilopolis!( the city of the crocodile)- up near the fayum
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