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Lecture 10 Dynasty 2 Hotepsekhemwy: name means “2 deities are appeased”. Some people concluded that there must be some kind of social discord before he became king (may have reunified Egypt again). 1 st pharaoh to not be buried at Abados. At Sakara. Tomb is massive, cut into bedrock- major architectural feat. All that's left is underground structure (so don't know full extent like height). Peribsen: (serat marked with Set animal, not the Horus Falcon). People think Egypt may be split at this time b/c Set is only honored in Upper Egypt). Khasekhemwy (final pharaoh of dynasty 2): used King of “Upper and Lower Egypt”. Campaigned against the northerners. Reunified the country b/c of Set and Horus
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Unformatted text preview: Falcon back on serat. ◦ 1 st pharaoh to commission a statue of himself. (had several made). ◦ Tomb: trapezoid shape, at Abados. Final pharaoh buried at Abados. Monumental tomb. Strange. 70M long, 17 M wide at Northern end, 10 M wide at Southern end. 58 rooms. Built of queried limestone. Technological advancements! Tomb was looted, but didn't get everything. Thinis : Political center of Upper Egypt. Abados was original political capital, right next to abados (at least that's what archaeologists think, just north of the bend.) First Dynasty : Egypt Unified uner Narmer. Solidified by successors Second Dynasty : inner turnoil, country divided , Reunited under Khasekemwy....
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