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LECTURE 12! SNEFERU PYRAMIDS o Mydoom pyramid was built in several phases o Chambers and tunnels begin being built into the pyramids. o The shaft actually goes under the pyramid into the burial chamber, but the burial chamber is at ground level. So it slopes down then back up to the chamber o Stared developing corval vaulting to maintain the integrity of the structure Bent Pyramid o Not a true pyramid because when they got to about 45 ft, the pyramid started to fail. On the inside of the pyramid there are cedar beams meant to help the integrity of the structure. ..this structure was 43 degrees because if it was 60 degrees it would not have worked…. Attempt at making a true pyramid from the start but did not work because the calculations were wrong Only pyramid in the Old Kingdom with 2 entrances….double entrance was possibly a change in tactics which they thought might be better…only a conjecture Red Pyramid o Used a red limestone o Strange pyramid…has the second largest base out of any pyramid…it is
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