LECTURE 15 - LECTURE 15! I. Old Kingdom (2686-2181 BCE:...

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LECTURE 15!! I. Old Kingdom (2686-2181 BCE: Dynasties 3-6) a. The Collapse of the Old Kingdom a.i. With time, the power and wealth of the aristocracy increased as the king’s power and wealth decreased a.ii. Regional leaders and areas become more powerful as they become more wealthy…they become a powerbase not just because of the land, but the posts become hereditary and the regional governorships become almost like a business a.ii.1. Independence of the regions as the pharoas lose power a.iii. Eventually aristocrats claimed themselves the right to immortality which until then had been a privilege of the king. a.iv. The cult of Ra begun losing ground to the more democratic cult of Osiris, which granted immortality to everybody a.iv.1. Weakening of the central authority because others were now granted this idea of immortality a.v. Overview of Causes: a.v.1. Economica l – dispersion of royal wealth, through donations to local nobles and temples a.v.1.a. Low Nile floods; famine…drought which means less fertile soil and a food shortage which makes people start to question the power of the pharaoh and his authority with the gods
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LECTURE 15 - LECTURE 15! I. Old Kingdom (2686-2181 BCE:...

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