LECTURE 17 - LECTURE 17 1 Middle Kingdom 199101786 BCE...

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LECTURE 17!! 1. Middle Kingdom 199101786 BCE Dynasty 12 a. Provincial governors maintained powered into the 12 th dynasty. These provincial governors started lose power as the pharaohs came back to power b. Provincial governors buried in rock cut tombs and pharaohs in small pyramids c. Mensuhotep was the last monuments burial, rock cut burial c.i. Massive quarrying into the red limestone cliffs for burials c.ii. The layout is failry similar to those of the pyramid. There is a causeway and a courtyard area and then the tomb inside the cliff. c.ii.1. His courtyard was a garden though (lush vegetative area) c.ii.2. Go up the ramp into the main structure and there are elaborate walk-around columns (colonnades) c.iii. Central edifice if the focal point of the burial site then as you go towards the back there is an entrance to the underground chamber and still has the corval vaulting c.iii.1. There is a rock-cut niche with a statue of the king where offerings were brought d. Qau El Kebir – largest private burial of the middle kingdom (these are the provincial governors and these are where some of the last are buried. d.i.
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LECTURE 17 - LECTURE 17 1 Middle Kingdom 199101786 BCE...

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