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LECTURE 21!!! 1. Egypt in the New Kingdom a. Near thebes the kings of the 18 th dynasty establish two new powerful centers of worship, the temples of Amun at Karnak and Luxor b. Temple at Luxor was built over many generations and was built early on and added on later on. Ramsies the second adds an extesnsive amount to it 2. The Egyptian Empire a. Tuthmose I and Tuthmost III a.i. Campaigns in Nubia, Palestine, and against the Mitanni Empire N Syria. b. Tuthmose III b.i. Extended Egypt’s S. border to the 4 th cataract b.ii. Defeated the Mitanni at Megiddo b.iii. Established long lasting bonds with Mitanni by passing a Mitanni princess c. Hatshepsut c.i. First women to truly rule as Pharaoh c.ii. She is going to renounce all her Queen titles and announce herself as wife
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Unformatted text preview: of Amun Ra c.iii. Believed to have died of bone cancer c.iv. Had dental problems c.v. Shown as a man even in her statues as full body. Shown purely masculine c.vi. After she died Tuthmose III had a policy to eradicate all images of her with only a few surviving. c.vii. Even though she portrayed herself as a male she was still buried with the females c.viii. Temples on one side, massive rock cliff, and on the other side the actual burial sites. c.ix. Cliffs in the valley of the kings are made from Egyptian limestone that was flooded over and now is pouris and was possible to dig out holes easily....
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