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LECTURE 22 - who had some genetics defects b Nefertit b.i...

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LECTURE 22!!! (Cats notes 21) 1. Punt a. Possibly on the horn of Africa, others have argued it is across the red sea on the coast of Arabia but most agree it is located near the Red Sea. b. They were a very wealthy trading center 2. End of Dynasty 18 a. Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) a.i. He is the heritage king and will reform Egyptian cult as a monotheistic religion based on the worship of the Aten (solar disk) a.ii. He began striking images of Amun in place of Aten a.iii. Reformed Egyptian art, they changed the scale a.iv. Moved the capital to the site of Tell El Al Amarna (Akhetaten) a.iv.1. Build up to accommodate the new system that he is implementing a.iv.2. Wanted to disassociate with his predecessors a.iv.3. Aten temple is the center of the city a.iv.4. They have numerous amulets and figurines of traditional gods, which means the locals were probably allowed to worship their own gods a.v. We do not have Akhenaten’s mummy, but they did do tests on King Tut
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Unformatted text preview: who had some genetics defects b. Nefertit b.i. Chief wife of Akhenanten, in art often depicted in pharaoh’s role b.ii. She was the queen ruler with Akhenanten she also shown in numerous pictures alone not in the background doing things that the Pharaoh would do b.ii.1. No direct evidence on imagery she seemed to be a very powerful queen c. At the end of Akhenanten’s reign the following kings restored the old religious and cultural structures of Egypt: c.i. Tutankhamun c.ii. Ay c.iii. Horemheb d. Akhenanten and Nefertiti have six daughters d.i. Kiya is possibly a princess of the Matanis d.ii. King Tut while he is a son of Akhenanten marries his sister Kiiya (technically half sister) e. Horemheb e.i. Final king of the 18 th dynasty e.i.1. Policies against his Amarna predecessors – destruction of Amarna...
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