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Lecture 26 1. They did not embalm the brain because to the Egyptians it was nothing, but to say it could not be mummified is not entirely true. 2. They found a mummy of the kid Nan and they studied to see its condition and his head fell off and when it fell out, out popped to perfectly preserved brain hemisphere. If you were not the pharaoh they would sometimes cheat by skipping steps to mummify the body. 3. Always cut on the left side of the abdomen and stitch it up as titghtly as possible because evil could enter the body…they would place an amulet on it to ward off any evil from entering the body…pharaohs got plated gold ones 4. To protect the heart they would use scarab amulets with spells on the bottom…they place It above the heart 5. Other organs were dried by sodium bicarbonate called Natron that naturally occurs…they would take the organs and place them in canoptic jars or bags allowing them to dry up completely (took around 40 days) 6. Took around 60 days to mummify a body properly
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