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Lecture 28 1. Royalty had their fingers capped with gold so the fingers would not curl and the person also had sandals on which was a another sign of high class royalty. 2. Mummy that was wrapped in the 50s was missing its legs and protect legs were put in its place. a. She was possibly killed by a crocodile because it took off her legs which was looked upon very highly because it was seen as being taken by the God Sobek, but the body had decomposed terribly. So the emabalmers did not know what her gender was so they did both male and female wrapping styles. b. Today they reconstructed her face and discovered she was a female 3. The caps were not just caps, they were carved out with the shape of the toe nail and everything to act as the toe in the afterlife. The sandles had flat bottoms to protect the bottom of the feet and were curled up to also protect the toes 4. Gold plates were then used to cover the eyes and also cover the tongue. (Pharonic burial) 5. Now they are getting more and more intricate with style of wrapping with an almost
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