Lecture 33 - Lecture 33 3rd Intermediate 1085-525 BCE...

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Lecture 33 3 rd Intermediate 1085-525 BCE Dynasty 21-26 1. End of the New Kingdom a. Death of Ramses III a.i. The Harem Revolt – Assassination attempt over succession b. Civil Unrest c. Drought, etc. d. Kings lose control of Upper Egypt d.i. Kushite kings begin taking control e. Ramses XI 11 th – King in name only does not rule much beyond Memphis, has almost no power f. Bronze Age Collapse 11 th Century f.i. Babylon (fairly powerful region collapses, but they basically are secluded to a smaller region), Hitties (they come to a firey end with there capital burned to the ground), Assyria, Cyprus, Syria f.ii. People suggested caused by widespread drought, disease, invasion, 2. Third Intermediate Period a. Tanis (Delta): Kings of the 21 st dynasty controlling Northern Egypt a.i. They are no position to keep a unified Egypt a.ii. Tanis is a very powerful city in the north and they are only controlling the north. They have direct access to age but will not be able to branch out to Asia because they are not powerful enough. They are not pharaohs of a unified Egypt b. Thebes: High priests of Amun, controlling South Egypt b.i. They are basically generals are the armies and that is all they proclaim to be. c.
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Lecture 33 - Lecture 33 3rd Intermediate 1085-525 BCE...

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