English1002SyllabusSpr04 - ENGLISH 1002, SECS. 37, 92, 122...

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ENGLISH 1002, SECS. 37, 92, 122 OFFICE: ALLEN 229F SPRING 2004 TELEPHONE: 578-2817 MRS. CHANEY HOURS: 10:30-11:30 M,W,F EMAIL: cchane2@lsu.edu 12:00-1:00 T, Th TEXTS: Writing Arguments: Concise Edition , 2nd ed., Ramage, Bean, and Johnson (Get only this edition!) A Pocket Style Manual , 3rd ed., Hacker (or other college handbook) OTHER MATERIALS: 1. Course packet at Serve "U" Center, 4410 Highland Rd. 2. Large paper clips 3. Blue or black ink pens and loose-leaf paper 4. A binder or notebook for storing paper and handouts 5. Two or more 8 x 11 test booklets 6. College-level dictionary MAJOR PAPERS: PERCENT ANALYSIS OF OPPOSING ARGUMENTS 18 CAREER EVALUATION 18 PROPOSAL ARGUMENT 18 ROGERIAN ARGUMENT (in-class) 18 REVISED ESSAY (optional revision of graded essay; to be averaged with original grade) FINAL EXAM (in-class essay) 18 GRADING: Ninety percent of your grade will come from major papers. Ten percent will come from quizzes, minor assignments, and peer evaluations. The following scale will be used in computing your final average: A = 89.5-100, B = 79.5-89.4, C = 69.5-79.4, D = 59.5-69.4, F = 0-59.4 Letter grades on papers will be given the following numerical values: A+ 98 B+ 88 C+ 78 D+ 68 F 55 A 95 B 85 C 75 D 65 A- 92 B- 82 C- 72 D- 62 LATE PENALTIES FOR PAPERS: A paper will automatically earn a late penalty if the previous paper has not been satisfactorily corrected and returned at least a day before the next paper is due . A late paper will be penalized one letter grade (ten points) for each weekday late (MTWTF). If I am not in the office, put your late paper on the door or slide it underneath. In-class papers must be made up at my office at a time that is mutually convenient. Exceptions: (1) You may submit ONE paper up to two days late without a penalty. Use this free late wisely; do not wait three days and incur a 30-point penalty or use the extension needlessly as you may need it later. (2) If you are seriously ill, you may have a brief extension
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English1002SyllabusSpr04 - ENGLISH 1002, SECS. 37, 92, 122...

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