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EXP3604 COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY NAME____________________ COGLAB ASSIGNMENT #8: SEMANTIC PRIMING AND LEXICAL DECISION Your results: Associated words: _____ ms (omit decimals) Unassociated words: _____ ms Word then non-word: _____ ms Non-word then word: _____ ms Two non-words: _____ ms Questions: 1. Do your data (note the plural) demonstrate a “semantic priming effect”? What conditions do you
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Unformatted text preview: compare to assess this? 2. Suppose we did this task with bilinguals, and for word pairs had the first in Language 1, and the lower one (second) in Language 2. Would you predict that semantic priming “across language” would be found? If found, would it be as large as within language? Why or why not?...
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