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COGLAB_Peterson - The Coglab uses a different task Now that...

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EXP3604 COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY NAME____________________ COGLAB ASSIGNMENT #4: BROWN-PETERSON Your Results: Distractor duration (seconds) Percent correct 1.0 _____ 11.0 _____ 21.0 _____ Discussion Question: The Petersons introduced the counting-backwards-by-three's task, as we did in class, to prevent rehearsal of the three to-be-remembered letters, but to minimize the amount of direct interference.
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Unformatted text preview: The Coglab uses a different task. Now that you've done both of these, what are your predictions about how the distractor tasks might affect memory - are they equivalent, or might they differ in their effects? Looking at your data, is there support for your prediction?...
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