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COGLAB_Reasoning - Internet search is not helping you to...

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EXP3604 COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY NAME____________________ COGLAB ASSIGNMENT #10: Typical Reasoning Your Results: Low Typical, Single Event: _____ High Typical, Single Event: _____ Low Typical, Conjunction: _____ High Typical, Conjunction: _____ Questions: 1. Do your data demonstrate the “conjunction fallacy?” Why or why not? 2. You’re writing a paper on the gambling for a Health Psych class. You’re frustrated because your
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Unformatted text preview: Internet search is not helping you to find any scientific articles on the effects of gambling on you immune system, but you know they exist. You are using the keywords, “gambling” and “health” and “immune system.” How could you change your search strategy so you could increase the number of hits you get? How is this related to the present lab? [from CogLab, basic question #3]....
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