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COGLAB_Specificity - 2 Within the Cue-word condition some...

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EXP3604 COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY NAME____________________ COGLAB ASSIGNMENT #6: ENCODING SPECIFICITY Your Results: Test condition: None Cue A Cue B Study Condition: None ____% ____% ____% Cue A ____% ____% ____% Cue B ____% ____% ____% Questions: 1. Which conditions are to be compared to test whether you showed the “encoding specificity” effect found by Thompson & Tulving (1970)? Did you observe this effect?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Within the Cue-word condition, some of the cue words were strong associates of the test word (e.g., hard-FIRM); others were less strongly associated. Given Tulving’s view of encoding specificity, how might the strength of prior associations affect your results?...
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