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COGLAB_Stroop - experiment(by clicking the X in the upper...

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EXP3604 COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY NAME_________________________ COGLAB ASSIGNMENT #1: STROOP TASK Instructions: Read through the introduction to the Stroop task (online, and on pages 24-26 of the CogLab Manual). Go to the CogLab Homepage ( www.coglab.wadsworth.com ), select Stroop Task (under Attention , upper left), log in, read the instructions, and do the experiment. Be sure to rehearse the mapping of the colors to the response keys a bit before you begin. Try to ignore the word, and concentrate on the color. Be sure to respond as quickly as you can once you’ve made your decision, but remember that incorrect trials will be repeated, so try to keep error rate low. [NOTE: When I first tried out this year’s version, the display did not respond properly to my key presses, and there were overlapping stimuli. If you have any problems like this, try closing the
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Unformatted text preview: experiment (by clicking the X in the upper right corner), then clicking Return to Experiment.] Once you finish the experiment, you should return to the Coglab page where the class’s average results appear at the bottom of the page. Click the link to get your own results . Copy the results below; say YES to have your results included in the Global Averages. Your Results: Name and Font same: ______ msec Name and Font different: ______ msec Questions: (1) Did you obtain a “Stroop Effect?” How does your data show that? (2) How do you think color naming time for a color-block, as we did in class, would compare to the time for the condition where the Name and Font were the same? Why is that?...
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