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ENV 4561 Fall 2011 Homework # 9 Assigned: October 27, 2011 Due: November 3, 2011 1. A culvert is to be designed to pass 250 cfs. It is 240 ft long at a slope of .03 ft/ft. The AHW is 15 ft and the TW is 5 ft. Design the following types of culverts and show all calculations. a. (14 points) circular CMP with projecting end Diameter = 60 in b. (14 points) circular CMP with a headwall Diameter = 60 in c. (14 points) circular concrete pipe with a square-edged headwall
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Unformatted text preview: Diameter = 54 in d. (14 points) circular concrete pipe with a projecting grooved end Diameter = 54 in e. (14 points) concrete square box culvert with a 90 ° wingwall flare 4 ft x 4 ft Concrete Box f. (15 points) oval concrete pipe, long axis horizontal, grooved end projecting Oval = 68 x 43 in g. (15 points) arch CMP with a headwall Arch = 2 -65 x 40 in Each problem must be accompanied with a summary sheet (page 128/5-18). Be neat!...
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