Groundwater_review - -Boundary Conditions(what are the different types of boundary conditions Geology and groundwater how does geologic setting

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Groundwater Concept Review Permeability (intrinsic), Hydraulic Conductivity, Transmissivity Homogeneous/heterogeneous and isotropic/anisotropic Matrix compressibility, specific storage, storativity Darcy’s law: Understand what it means, how to apply it, and its limits Conservation equation Quantifying water budgets (how are aquifer inflows/outflows estimated?) Steady-state versus transient flow Unconfined (water-table) and confined aquifers: what are the differences? Groundwater flow equations: How are they developed? How are they used?
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Unformatted text preview: -Boundary Conditions (what are the different types of boundary conditions?) Geology and groundwater: how does geologic setting affect hydrogeologic properties and recharge/discharge How are hydrogeologic properties determined (aquifer tests and other methods)? Mass transport: specific discharge versus velocity, advection, dispersion Complex situations: fracture flow, karst aquifers, multi-phase flow (including the unsaturated zone)...
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