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Guide to reading for Oct 3 (Ch 4). Note: In class, I specified Ch 5 also, but we will just focus on boundary conditions. What are the different types of boundary conditions? How are the lower boundaries of modeled regions determined? Why is at least boundary node with a specified head needed in a steady state model? What are examples of physical and hydraulic boundaries? Why should hydraulic boundaries be applied with caution?
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Unformatted text preview: What are “distant” boundaries? How can the impact of a boundary on hydraulic head and fluxes be tested? MODFLOW calculates VCONT at the beginning of a simulation (page 122). Why is that a problem for multilayer models with unconfined aquifer(s)? What are possible strategies to avoid this problem? See Assignment 5 for questions on head-dependent flow packages (and other MODFLOW packages)...
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