Exam 3 Practice 1

Exam 3 Practice 1 - NI ATHLZT F INAL E XAM 1 8D ecember 008...

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N IATHLZT FINAL EXAM 18 December 2008 SPECIAL CODE: 181208 p. Z of 6 1. An object is moving along a straight line such that its position ( in feet) at t seconds is gven by the function s(t)= 95,-t6t2. What is the AVERAGE velocity of the object between t=2 and t=4? a) 0 ftlsec b) -86 ftlsec c) 384 frlsec d) 4ftBfr/sec e) 32 fVsec 2. Solve for t in the following equation 500e-0'2t=1500. l ninr it may help to r,vrite the decimat out as a fraction) a) 20ln(3) b) -sln(3) c) -2ln(B) d) -ln(3) e) -20ltn(3) 3. The half-life of Kryptonite is 9 years. How much wiII be left of a 1G00 gram piece of Kryptonite after 36 years? a) 44.49 b) 2009 c)7.7g d) S7,7Zg e) 1009 4. If James has $L3,000 in his bank account with an interest rate of S.Boh compounded continuously, then how much, to the nearest dollar, will he have in g yearsf a) $19,246 b) $19,236 c) $19,BGS d) $t3,trt e) $ 15,486 5. If g(15) = 450 and g'(15; =25, using local linear approximation g(B) is closest to: a) 450 b)27s c) 625 d) s7s e) 425 6. Suppose the age of a starfish, in months, is proportional to the cube of its width in centimeters. Suppose a starfish that is L5 months old is 5 centimeters wide. Then how old is a starfish that is 1-2 centimeters wide? a) 400 months b) 295 months c) 207 months d) 370 months e) 140 months 7. Given the following table the best estimate for f ,(4) is: x 2 4 6 I 10 t2 f(x) 0 I 12 28 32 64 a)4 b)2 c)8 d)12 e)6
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Exam 3 Practice 1 - NI ATHLZT F INAL E XAM 1 8D ecember 008...

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