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MERCER UNIVERSITY STETSON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS ACC 603 Seminar in Taxation Professor Allen J. Rubenfield Office: BE 208 Phone No.: (678) 547-6065 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday: 3PM-6PM Thursday: 3PM-6PM By appointment Class meets during Fall 1, Thursday evening 6:00PM Mission Statement: The Stetson School of Business and Economics (SSBE) promotes the advancement and integration of quality business education and practice. In support of Mercer University’s mission, the school provides undergraduate and graduate programs that are designed to enable, enhance, and expand professional careers, civic responsibility and lifelong learning. Course Description: This course takes an in depth look at domestic and international tax issues that are significant to the accounting profession. Potential topics include current tax policy, corporate tax planning, compensation and retirement planning, and components of the tax gap. Prerequisites: BA 535 Course Objectives: The primary objective of this Seminar in Taxation is to give the student a broad understanding of how taxation, politics, budgets and deficits interact. We will look at all the aspects of federal and state taxation as it intertwines with politics, budgets and deficits. It will also provide the student with the tools necessary to make “un” informed decisions when dealing with choices relating to the politics of taxation. . Learning Objectives: Have an understanding of the seriousness of what is happening today; how to work and how to deal with the situation as it stands. Be able to discuss current tax events and budget deficits, recession, economic chaos in a more intelligent method then your current political leaders. Have an understanding of business taxes, the value of investments, how to evaluate them and deal with related problems. Have a working knowledge of different tax plans and alternative methods of taxation.
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Have a working knowledge of how to use tax policy as a planning tool. Be able to discuss the politics of taxation in a semi-civilized manner.
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