Rubrics_Writing - and powerful connections between the...

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Writing Assignment Rubrics Name: Assignment: Evaluator: Date: Average Score: ______________________ Criteria Score and Comments 1=Poor. ..2=Fair. ..3=Average. ..4=Good. ..5=Exemplary Content/Analysis All required writing components are included. The writing assignment clearly identifies all relevant issues and presents an accurate, insightful, and thorough description of all problems. The writing assignment supports diagnosis and opinions with strong arguments and evidence; presents a balanced and critical view; interpretation is both reasonable and objective. Structure/organization The writing assignment is logically and professionally organized with smooth transitions. The assignment has clear and divisible sections. Sections relate to each other in a well-planned framework. The writing assignment makes appropriate
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Unformatted text preview: and powerful connections between the issues identified . Paragraphing and transitions are also clear and appropriate. Literacy The assignment has virtually no grammatical or syntactical errors and no spelling/punctuation errors. The writer exhibits an ability to use language effectively and to construct sentences of appropriate complexity and variety. The assignment writes clearly, concisely, and coherently; employs syntactical variety with general success. Style APA guidelines are used accurately and consistently. Design elements (white space, titles & sub-1 titles etc.) are used expertly to create a professional-looking document. Documentation/References All sources are documented. Reference is included in text and at the end as a separate section. Documentation is error-free. 2...
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Rubrics_Writing - and powerful connections between the...

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