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Julie Yoder MK4650 – E-Marketing SPRING 2011 HOMEWORK 3 DUE IN CLASS ON MON 4/25/11 GROUP A (mandatory) List 6 new-product strategy categories and provide internet examples of each. a. Discontinuous innovations are new-to-the-world products - Netfilx - Until Netflix was introduced, you would never imagine ordering movies through the mail. b. New-product lines are new products in a different category for an existing brand name - E-bay and (E-bay you can buy everything, is part of E-bay, but more for just books. c. Additions to existing product lines - Google and Google Chrome d. Improvements or revisions of existing products - Google - now you can classify search by images, news, shopping etc. e. Repositioned products can be targeted to different markets or promoted for new uses - - used to be a search engine. Now you can an e-mail account, create word documents to share, find maps, etc. f. Me-too lower-cost products - Bing vs. Google - now Google offers search options like Bing created. GROUP B (select one) What is the future of e-commerce in your opinion? Will it continue to increase? Will it ever become larger in terms of sales than off-line retailing? Explain your answers. It seems that nearly everyone has done some sort of online shopping at some point or another. We all seem to like how convenient it is to make purchases online. With just a few clicks we can have a whole new outfit ordered from shoes to accessories! There’s no need to wait in long lines or drive to the mall. With gas pushing nearly $4.00/gallon this is a huge
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Marketing_4650 - Julie Yoder MK4650 E-Marketing HOMEWORK 3...

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