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KXO101 Business Information Systems AIEN-SOU Semester 5, 2011 Assignment 3 - Business Project Due Date and Time: 8:00 pm (Shanghai-time) Friday, 2 nd December, 2011 Assignment weight: 30% (of Total Marks for the unit) Submission: Via MyLO Assignment Type: Group: a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 4 students. Students are free to choose the group they join, but please speak to the others you plan to join with before joining a group. A group sign- up sheet is available from the Assessment page of the KXO101 MyLO site. Students who have not signed into a group by Friday, 11 th November, 2011, will be automatically assigned into a group by the lecturer without consultation. Each student within the group will receive the same mark, however, active participation and equal contribution is required from each member of the group. Student who do not participate and / or contribute to the assignment will not be included in the group’s mark. If there is an issue with a student or students not participating and / or contributing to your group, please contact your lecturer. Case Study Telifone Solutions Telifone Solutions operates a call centre in Teaklands, Tasmania. Koolplex PBX, which is Telifone Solutions’ main information system, is a 10 year old Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Although when it was purchased Koolplex PBX was the state of the art in CRM systems, it now requires a lot of maintenance and the long periods of downtime is frustrating the Telifone staff and annoying their customers. Telifone currently have a maintenance only contract with Koolplex that costs them $125,000 per year. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) have had discussions with Koolplex about updating their CRM from Koolplex PBX to Koolplex IXL, the latest version of Koolplex, which would cost Telifone $1,250,000. This cost takes into account any value of their current system, and includes a maintenance fee of $110,000 per year for the next 3 years. Koolplex would also supply a training program for the call centre staff and this would cost $175,000. The Koolplex IXL system and training program will cost $1,425,000, which could be financed using $750,000 the company has budgeted for the replacement, and the balance needing to be borrowed from their bank at 6.5% annual interest with the repayments spread over 3 years.
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KXO101. Assignment 3 2010 The total operating expenses (excluding payments to Koolplex) for 2011 will be $14,500,000. The CEO has estimated that in the next three years operating expenses will increase by 2.5% each year if they continue to use the old system. However if a new system is installed the increase each year will drop to 1.25%. Revenue for 2011 will be $17,750,000. The CEO has estimated that in the next three years revenue will increase by 2.75% each year but is expected to grow by 3.5% each year if a new system is installed. The upgrade to Koolplex IXL could be completed by the end of June 2012. The CIO of Telifone Solutions has recently been approached by a small, local software
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RelativeResourceManager_new - KXO101 Business Information...

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