HomeworkAssignment(23-24)-04-02-08 - Figure 34-31 Lehigh...

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Unformatted text preview: Figure 34-31 Lehigh University April 2, 2008 Physics 21, Spring 2008 Home Work Assignment (23-24) Note: Solutions to the problems must be submitted on WileyPLUS (www.wileyplus.com). HW-23 due April 8 23-1. (HRW 33-67) In Fig. 33-65 , light enters a 90° triangular prism at point P with incident angle , and then some of it refracts at point Q with an angle of refraction of 90°. (a) What is the index of refraction of the prism in terms of ? (b) What, numerically, is the maximum value that the index of refraction can have? Does light emerge at Q if the incident angle at P is (c) increased slightly and (d) decreased slightly? Figure 33-67 23-2. (HRW 33-86) An electromagnetic wave is traveling in the negative direction of a y axis. At a particular position and time, the electric field is directed along the positive direction of the z axis and has a magnitude of 100 V/m. What are the (a) magnitude and (b) direction of the corresponding magnetic field?...
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HomeworkAssignment(23-24)-04-02-08 - Figure 34-31 Lehigh...

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