Physic Formula Sheet -'t\,.r.c\e's\- g1gc1*'ic Sosce...

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Unformatted text preview:'t\,.r.c\e's\- g1gc1*'ic Sosce Capusru^.rl ce, .'q.,9 v N'.,1 F- t<t$!:\ Etecr..rc Sie_\d F:= i.;r". ,* \UV ' fr= J.r9vtr er\s{.\\ B\sss \rr cqRe.c\tsc. K\.\ ..l.t,' n$t"\e efrre\\ Or;..ts.\q \\e g\e\\r *t €= o \ - Btl*eerv a E\ e ct*., ct,"\ Wq.+, F c\s\sqec\ prsda s\ e,..\r ., \-- <",\ [ e.e ^n t .Z *o , c\ensr1' + \N-- trE c,s: qFs _j''1.' , F^= ?x"t\.\+,J. K? t--e I '.\ S.z \-..0'\> "\\", -- r " cr, -F _ q\\{! \e's\Rqsr*s's:9' ' ' G" rrs.l * = tnt \ /- """ ' of ""t.,\fr. i\t\ ^-c"dv*"r vtr t"s r - -\,..,s N\oclsrr<rrc\€ s\ n-v*s\r:<r\ra' $o''co o'ru rrs\r€ o.r"o* 1 1 (A ili\\e'e"x\ ...f a ou" \A= " \r: t *""* R= , \\\{ B s-x.€ Y: !f,$ srsQ \\'..^gor\.c *r+\r\ ' I , =\ O- Ls-.\ S\sqr.\..\ r""e B= It'"'r t:\s 5\Rie-\"\ \ \, \(> k tXW.goten\rcN L\ Ea -a -- F_a cq.srli\a\\\ t'*-"\- ) \5 $ -'\'\] c-o .- T".-- 't\ +t\ q.. h, \),:R"R.;k$ -\ \: + C<,al*+'rPgk!.\ o-c(il€'-sn- s s' P.g <t i^ s 5;1g.5r, '55r\\ a" PqlerRt N\osqrtQ$\ t1r'E 'qp gocos $ , $' '.^oqte!'c' \re$ $' s\'c'r5€ : rq\\ci\.rt 'nu sr'rX \q\ '{ B ss'g \{ F= q -q- u-:, k = *'"-l>* $.\"'s'r\ \g'g\eLr'"rc TY\*\5e\c q1e\[" t . s-t c^ s\sl*,v\ *" d\cre,\Fl5.r\u gs{wr\Q$+. R,a\ i 3^ tA . K\\;\\ ,, Rosi*t*'-ug I ! I , K ,' =1*rsb r( lsr. ! Q i\ q= KCo Cs , to.lrrsr\xr\(lP I - \* €*tcn\\ I \l.g- \!'' \N. ' i ' Uiu- \}*o \Ni-*' \t- ie.f (FNcs $$\N\ 1at9"r. c" dtg\o'n€ \ssr^ 6 ,=Q /.16o t b; G s\crsged $t)'\91 Et a! \o.rqe -Neq. P d . \\cg.6etro $re\\ ^ N"NA \5" \c .\ Cgr-i-e s\ C\'{'\Q'\$ Lssl Y\o.\*."r^ L S-e\\<- q- t\e$\ 5q1er''i' B.- yr".5il, il' Ca='l'f.rsq\\.*.^ \c. 6\\\.stq -\q g. \'60 trs k #,*, '- e'\e!i\c$\s (- 9'(qr'ro-\ s*)/c' 6o= g {B+tf\- f lts \r,,r.{a r*^/n, .M o-- *'S ...
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This note was uploaded on 11/30/2011 for the course EEE 1001 taught by Professor Phoon during the Spring '11 term at National University of Singapore.

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Physic Formula Sheet -'t\,.r.c\e's\- g1gc1*'ic Sosce...

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